Contact us for avaible Rabbits and Sheep. Assistance avaible for self slaughter. If you buy a hooved animal in Indiana you can butcher it yourself on the farm, The way the laws are written I can not do it for you and sell it same day. But I am happy to assist and teach you how to correctly proccess. If you are intereseted in learning please contact me ahead of time and I can set up a one on one workshop. 

Pre-Proccessed Rabbit and Occasionally Chicken, Meats are butchered, packaged and frozen for 72 hours and can be purchased by appoinmtent at the farm but is subject to availability.

Rabbit cost $8.50 lb whole carcus , most caracus weights average 3 lbs. Rabbit can be shipped or Delivered in the state of Indiana but can not be shipped out of state with out going through a USDA inspection.

"Under a 2014 Indiana law, rabbits may be slaughtered and processed without inspection and sold at a farmers market, roadside stand or on a farm under the following conditions**: The product must be frozen at the point of sale. The product includes a label that contains the following information: Name and address of the producer, Common or usual name of the product, Ingredients of the product, Net weight and volume of the product, Date the food was processed, and Statement of exemption (for example, the phrase "Exempt under IC 16-42-5-29"). Statement, in 10-point type: "This product is home-produced and processed in a production area not inspected by ISDH." **NOTE: Rabbits processed for human consumption must be raised by the person(s) who processes them. Individuals cannot process rabbits for other people."



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