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HRS is a organization that masquerades as an authority...but in reality is just a front for extremist vegan ideology. literally...a rabbit hole

History[edit | edit source]

In the 1990s, animal rights folks and early house rabbit society people would go to rabbit shows Observe Judges and exhibitors holding rabbits in their laps and the Activists claimed they were "tranced". These folks found a predator response study on tonic immobility from the 70s and ran with it, using this old, small sample, poor studies as "proof". As HRS grew in the late 90s, the house rabbit society began targeting veterinarians still in college. They would offer assistance or positions as the staff vet for their rescues. This caused 2 whole decades of newly graduated rabbit vets to beholden to house rabbit society for their assistance getting their careers started. In this way, House Rabbit Society was able to spread their misinformation and point at the vets on their payroll as the "experts" *even though those veterinarians are steeped in animal rights propaganda and house rabbit society misinformation.

Over the years this misinformation was repeated and repeated until it stuck as common knowledge but had had few facts to support it. Always check the ethics and schooling of veterinarians, rescues, and any article's small print to check for house rabbit society connections, or influence because House Rabbit Society does not base there information on sound science, or meta-analysis. HRS has not presented meta-analysis to back up claims or often no research is available. Lots of studies HRS bases there articles and propaganda on were retracted for Abusive or poor methodology, the sample size being too small to base conclusions on . Due to this no abstract or papers HRS links to are available because they were removed from academia .

Debunked Items Promoted as Facts[edit | edit source]

Tonic immobility[edit | edit source]

Tonic immobility Aka "Trancing" in rabbits is pretty much stated as fact , but finding any studies that actually prove flipping them over induces that state are hard to come by. it is generally understood as meaning the animal has to be physically incapable of movement, but obviously in real life, rabbits are able to flip themselves back over. that said , the study this was taken from was a single study done in the 70's where 12 rabbits were studied by being put into induced "tonic immobility" ie "trancing". by being SLAMMED into trays on there backs. The process of flipping a rabbit onto it's back .. did not cause it to be tranced.. the action of SLAMMING IT VIOLENTLY into a hard surface and forcibly restraining it buy grabbing it neck did.. knocking the wind out of it and stunning it.. yet THAT is the study that is parroted by HRS.

updated study :

" Tonic immobility (TI) is a phenomenon known as thanatosis or apparent death. The phenomenon can be induced in many ways. It occurs, for example, in the presence of a hazard, as a result of coercion through an unnatural body position or as a result of administration of certain medicines. TI is sometimes used in veterinary practice to tame patients. The aim of the study was to determine the effect of tonic immobility induction on selected physiological parameters in Oryctolagus cuniculus f. Domesticus rabbits. The study included 20 healthy rabbits, patients of a veterinary clinic, divided into two groups of 10 individuals. In the study group, TI was induced to conduct a standard clinical trial, while the control group were subjected to a standard clinical trial without TI. Heart rate, respiratory rate, pupil diameter and blood glucose concentration were measured in all animals. The measurements were performed three times: after the patient’s arrival at the clinic, after a detailed clinical examination in a normal or tonic immobility position and 15 minutes after the end of the examination. Additionally, the blood cortisol concentration was measured twice: on arrival at the clinic and at the end of the clinical trial. The results of the experiment show that miniature rabbits feel less stress during tonic immobility testing than rabbits in the standing position, and therefore this phenomenon should be used for taming animals. "

80% Hay[edit | edit source]

This misnomer comes from the House rabbit society conflating Rabbit and Cavy care. As well as a irresponsible disregard for the science of Rabbit nutrition in favor of a feel good approach to making care recommendation without any supporting science. Fact is as thoroughly out lined in our feeding section, that rabbits fed 80% and in particular the oft parroted Timothy only hay , will not be able to fully meet their daily nutritional needs.

Rabbit "salads"[edit | edit source]

Excessive fresh greens, Fruits and Vegetables are detrimental to rabbit health . these items need to be limited to treats , as rabbits digestive systems can not fully and properly digest high sugar fresh materials and these in excess lead to bloat/ GI statis and DEATH.

Wire Causes Sore Hocks[edit | edit source]

Genetics cause sore hocks, when genetic is not in play, the other contributing factor is lack of sanitation and hair loos through Urine scald .

Free roaming is Safe[edit | edit source]

Free roams WHILE UNDER SUPERVISION is safe. but unsupervised 24/7 free roaming is not.

Rabbits need to be Bonded[edit | edit source]

Current research shows that rabbits actually prefer to be solidary and view but not interact with other rabbits the highly territorial nature of rabbits causes a hierarchy where one dominate male rabbit threatens and demands subordination from all other rabbits in the warren. if a subordinate rabbits doesn't do an act of subordination for the dominate male up to daily. The dominate male violently attacks, because of this rabbits kept in group are always living in fear of other rabbits.

Spay and Neuter Changes Behavior[edit | edit source]

The only benefit of spay/neuter in rabbits is population reduction. That is easily managed by keeping rabbits separate from each other.

Although Spaying or Neutering removes the risk of ovarian, uterine, and Testicular Cancers by removing the body part. It can Cause mammary cancers in Male rabbits by unbalancing the hormones. Male rabbits after a neuter can start producing too much estrogen which can lead to them developing Breast cancers. In female Rabbits it is starting to be researched on the effect of Endocrine and Adreanal diseases caused by removing the overies. Female rabbits often become over aggressive due to the increase in Testosterones after a spay. The prevalence of ALL cancer in rabbits isnt 80% its 14 to 12%.

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    • notes to be organized images in AR propaganda folder on PC .

a break down of the truth behind the house Rabbit societies ideology

animal rights and you One of the best articles explaining thoroughly how HRS is an ARA extremist group

HRS, HSUS and PeTA[edit | edit source]

actually research to follow the money and connections with HRS . HRS only serves vegan at their functions... that's available on their own website.. That speaks to their group affiliations

HSUS is also a wing of PETA. The top three people of HSUS all used to sit on the PETA board, and HSUS is the main pipeline for rabbits that HRS "Rescues" HSUS quite literally directs people to HRS..

And if anybody tries to say HRS and PETA aren't connected... then why does PETA use them as their rabbit referral organization... and why is every major HRS member, also a vegan PETA or ALF member?

The house rabbit handbook, the book published by the house rabbit society, Said in their first edition 1988, that rabbit Diet should consist of primarily Complete pellets. The first 4 editions of their book they put out had pellets as main and sole food wasn't until the 90s and the ARA movements that they switched The feed is still pellets only by third edition They are still talking about greens as treats.

HRS is incredibly inconsistent even on their own website. By the Third edition... 1995.... HRS began conflating guinea pig and rabbit care while they were trying to promotes them as species capable of co-habitation .

" we do this by offering fresh hay a couple of times a day." even in 1996 it's completely contradictory paragraph by paragraph on their own site.

"A cage should be at least 4 times the size of your bunny-" so . if a new Zealand takes up.. approx. 1 sqft of spaces... a 4 sqfoot area is acceptable that's their own website.

Paige K Parsons ... an photographer and graphic artist Was education director and web developer from 1997 to 2004 then stepped down.

Anne Martin, the big wig, pulls a salary off the charity of 48k per year.... she's the only one on the whole board who gets paid

In 2020 To avoid losing their charity status through political activity (animal rights activism) they filter through their "education" budget... and conveniently, during their audit, everybody got covid On charity navigator, they aren't even listed because they are under tax audit. Most of the HRS state branches have failing charity navigator rating.

If you go further down the 990, there's the itemization On the Georgia HRS chapter 990 filing...where it asks to describe where the money was just says "rescuing and rehoming rabbits " no itemization, no breakdowns... just zeros in every column and 1 paragraph stating what they you basically have to take their word on it All of their pamphlets and activist junk is produced under "educational" materials.... and there's proof^^^ HRS got into merk veterinary manual... wonder who greased that pharma companies palms? And, it states quite plainly in the tax filings, they leave "educational materials" at vet offices

We have learned HRS hates rabbits and wants them to die

House rabbit society says Netherland dwarf breeders are pugging the skull of rabbits... but that isn't true... they are simply smaller and thus the shape... there's no facial push in like a pug

searched pub med, went through all 170 results , only found 1 opinion paper from 2003 stating rabbits should be fed grass hay or extruded pellets ..99.999% of pelleted rabbit feed sold commercially today is extruded

HRS and Oxbow[edit | edit source]

"Success! Pets in the Classroom discontinues grants to teachers to buy rabbits as classroom pets for 2020-2021, due to RHDV Aug 14, 2020 by HRS

"August, 14, 2020 Success! In response to education and encouragement from House Rabbit Society and Oxbow Animal Health, Pets in the Classroom has announced that for the 2020-2021 school year, they will discontinue grants to teachers to buy rabbits as classroom pets, due to the emergence of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus"

" HRS Position on Oxbow

Jan 8, 2017 by HRS

HRS recently became aware of a study that Oxbow funded two years ago that involved the euthanasia of the subject rabbits. HRS immediately contacted Oxbow to voice our objections, letting them know that we cannot work with companies that engage in such research, since that goes against our core values. Oxbow’s management then moved fairly quickly to have multiple internal discussions and meetings on this topic. We are pleased to announce that we have now received a statement from Oxbow reporting their commitment to refrain from involvement in any such research in the future. We are extremely pleased with Oxbow’s decision and are very satisfied with this resolution. The House Rabbit Society Board"

From the Oxbow website "Fresh greens are an important part of your pet’s daily diet. Greens contribute to hydration and provide important vitamins and minerals, as well as enrichment. For a complete list of appropriate greens, visit the House Rabbit Society."

From Oxbow Facebook page "Do you have an aggressive pet rabbit? The House Rabbit Society gives some fantastic advice on how to quell aggressiveness and build a better bond with your bunny."

from pet business. com "Oxbow Animal Health has named nine organizations as the recipients of its 2015 Rescue Grants. The winning organizations will receive funding totaling nearly $20,000 for a variety of projects and programs that benefit the welfare of small animals throughout North America. The 2015 Oxbow Rescue Grant recipients are: The Bunny Bunch, Montclair, Calif.; House Rabbit Network, Woburn, Mass.; Oregon Humane Society, Portland, Ore.; Western PA Humane Society, Pittsburgh, Penn.; Cumberland County SPCA, Vineland, N.J.; North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary, Garland, Texas; Red Door, Chicago, Ill.; Baltimore Humane Society, Baltimore, Md.; and Missouri House Rabbit Society, St. Louis, Mo."

  • several of these are HRS partners and Missouri House Rabbit Society is a direct wing of HRS headquarters... money gets filtered back to HQ through them.

search: "House Rabbit Society Oxbow" and the results show multiple links between the company and the HRS. the two are inextricably linked and feed money to each other, through partnership and they hide outright money in the form of "donations" to the state wings of the parent HRS.