If you are interested in my rabbits please Text 404-624-6606

Meat For Sale:

Link to Sale List : Sale List

Meat is Priced at $9/lb for  Fryer, $8 lb for Roaster/Stewer, and $6lb for pet grade.

also  available, organs, heads, hides, taxidermy, feet, and oddities.

Live Rabbits For Sale:

Prices are based on Quality : Show , Breeder Rabbits , Showmanship/ PET ONLY HOMES

Rabbits that are placed in pet or Showmanship only home are on contract becuse they have some defect and must never be bred. Defects for pets include :

Rabbits have a contract and screening Process. Rabbits marked as Showmanship/Pet are released to a new owner under contract and the understanding that they  will be used as a learning project and will be shown at least once a year in showmanship  in 4H, FFA ,or ARBA Youth Class.  Showmanship /pet rabbits will not come with Pedigrees, unless, their is a special agreement. see full contract here before you inquire about purchases. 

a rabbit Transportation Cost is Gas + .10 cents per mile round trip. 

If you are interested in a rabbit Please fill out the Application AND text me that you have filled it out for review..  

Link to Sale List : Sale List